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We produce high quality 3d visualisation and animation for the building, engineering, automotive, medical, advertising, television and movie industries.

"The comment from our client was 'exuded professionalism' Everyone at our end who has seen the work in progress is amazed at how good it looks." - Steven Plain - Icon Engineering - www.iconeng.com.au

"DVS helped us breeze through the creation of a large 3d portfolio of 25 unique homes, which we are now utilising to good effect in all our advertising and on our website. They were happy to come visit us in our office making the process very easy for us" - Leo Callisto - Marketing Manager - APG Homes - www.apghomes.com.au

"DVS provided the quality visual we needed to impress our client and win the bid to provide the new fit out to the Legislative council chambers. All within our tight deadline and design specifications" - Angelo Christou - Director - T&Z Master Planners- www.tz.com.au.

"The team at DVS have proven to be dedicated team members in the design presentation role, delivering excellent images and movies that are on time and budget. The outcome is a client satisfied beyond their expectations." - Ian Williams - Esam Williams Commercial Planners & Designers - www.ew.net.au
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